These athletic associations sets rules and regulations governing the award of athletic scholarships and limits the number of scholarships awarded. Generally, NCAA Division I colleges have more scholarships to offer than Division II and III schools and other Associations.

They also set strict rules that student-athletes must follow which states that they must maintain a certain level of academic performance and high school subject choices.

It is important to note that not all athletes receive athletic scholarships, even if you receive a scholarship, it may only be partial meaning you may still have to pay for some of the costs associated with attending college.

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There are many athletic scholarships available to students based on their athletic ability. Many US colleges offer athletic scholarships to students who excel in running and have a good academic record. At Aspire Atlantic, we can help you find the perfect American athletic scholarship with a university that meets your requirements today.

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Colleges and universities award athletic scholarships in the United States to students who demonstrate exceptional ability in athletics or Track and Field. These scholarships are awarded based on the student's athletic and academic performance, which helps to cover the cost of tuition, room and board (Housing and Food), and other expenses associated with studying in the USA.

Athletic scholarships are awarded by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) the NAIA and NJCAA member institutions and colleges.


Getting an athletic scholarship to compete at a US College or University can be a competitive process, but you can do a few things to increase your chances.

1. Maintain high academic standards: College coaches who issue athletic scholarships will require a certain grade point average (GPA) for prospective student-athletes to be eligible.

2. Compete at a high level: Competing in highly competitive events, which may include the regional, provincial and national levels. 

3. Compile a sports Resumé: You will need to compile a sport CV and track your performance, showing how your times and distances have improved over time.

4. Be proactive: Speak to the professionals, and reach out to college coaches or Aspire Atlantic, who can help you search for an athletic scholarship in the USA.

At Aspire Atlantic, we help talented athletes get track & field scholarships to study in the USA. We partner with world-class universities like Oregon University and USC, who have launched the careers of some of the world’s most accomplished athletes. 

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College athletics scholarships in the United States work similarly to other sports, where the coaches award the scholarship based on the student's athletic and academic ability.

The process usually begins with the student-athlete contacting one of Aspire Atlantic's consultants and providing them with information regarding their athletic ability, personal bests times and distances, high school academic records and their desired field of study.

Once a coach is interested in a student, they will likely invite them to schedule a video call where they can share more information about themselves and their athletic and academic goals.

The number of scholarships available can vary from college to college, but the NCAA limit is 12.6 scholarships per NCAA D1 track and field program and is often divided among many athletes. Each athletic association has strict rules for renewing scholarships based on athletic and academic performance; thus, students must maintain their performance throughout their college career to renew it.

If your application to Aspire Atlantic is successful, you will be matched with an American University that best suits your skills and sport. Once in the USA, you will be trained six days a week to enhance your sporting skills and attend university classes in your chosen area of study.


Track and field scholarship requirements will vary depending on each college and the level at which they compete. Most college coaches will require students to meet certain athletic and academic standards before issuing a scholarship. Here are some of the requirements that are commonly considered when awarding scholarships:

1. Athletic ability: Times and Distance are the first factor that coaches will consider when awarding track and field scholarships to athletes. They want to see students competing at the regional or national levels and posting competitive personal best times. 

2. Academic achievement: Coaches will require that athletes meet a certain grade point average (GPA) and take certain core subjects in high school. 

3. Standardized test scores: Some colleges may require students to take and achieve a certain SAT or ACT score to qualify for scholarships.

If you are interested in winning a USA athletics scholarship, the best time to start is now. Many scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and are very competitive, so the earlier you start, the better your chances will be. In general, we recommend that students begin the application process for track and field scholarships in Grade 9. 

Check out the timeline for USA College Sporting Scholarships now:

College Recruitment Timeline


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“All athletes need three things: commitment, discipline and hardwork” ~ Haile Gebrselassie. We will help you find the right college for yourskills and sport, contact Aspire Atlantic today.

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Athletics, otherwise known as Track & Field, is one of the most popular sports in the US college system. The first college athletics meeting was held in 1873 between Amhurst and Cornell, making it one of the oldest USA university sports still played today. Currently, there are over 2,200 university athletic teams in the states, many of which provide university athletic scholarships to local and international student-athletes.

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