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Here at Aspire Atlantic, we believe in transforming talented young athletes into exceptional people beyond their sports careers through our Human Performance program. We understand that the mental well-being of athletes plays a vital role in their overall performance, which is why our dedicated coaches work with students to develop good habits, establish emotional stability, and cultivate a performance mindset for success.


Aspire Atlantic has expanded its services with the introduction of Human Performance Coaching. This program aims to assist aspiring teenage athletes in thriving as young adults and becoming better individuals through transformational experiences that extend beyond their sports. Aspire's mental performance coaches help these students develop good habits, build strong relationships, and establish emotional stability while also developing a performance mindset and a solid foundation in sports psychology. Watch this video to get a taste of the programme.


Iain Shippey
Iain Shippey is the founder of Thincsport, which provides Applied Sports Psychology and Youth Development Consulting to players, coaches, and parents. Iain has worked with major sports teams such as the Springbok Rugby Team, SA Men's Hockey, Cricket SA, and the Kaizer Chiefs Youth Academy, where he focused on the psychological and social aspects of elite sports. Iain also played a role in the Springbok team's performance after travelling with the team to the Rugby World Cup in 2007 and 2011. Iain has a Master's Degree in Organisational Leadership and a Psychology for High-Performance Sports certificate through the Barcelona FC Innovation Hub. Additionally, Iain is a speaker, writer, coach, and TV commentator in his spare time.
Marsha Cox
Marsha Cox, a distinguished South African field hockey player, has captained the national Women's Hockey team and participated in three Olympic Games, four Commonwealth Games, and four World Cups. As the most capped South African national athlete, Marsha has transitioned into coaching, mentoring Olympic athletes, and contributing to youth hockey development in the Netherlands. A firm believer in sports transcending on-field performance, she emphasizes unlocking personal potential to enhance athletic achievement and inspires the next generation of athletes.
Kim Hubach
Kim Hubach is an accomplished hockey player who has played at the national and provincial levels. She has participated in various international competitions, including the Commonwealth Games, the Hockey World Cup, and AFCON. Kim played a vital role in helping the National Team qualify for the London 2012 Olympics after narrowly missing out on the Beijing 2008 Olympics. With over 20 years of coaching experience at different levels, she is also the current Convenor of Selectors for South Africa’s National Hockey Women’s team. Kim's hard work, dedication, and fighting spirit have earned her the admiration of coaches and players worldwide, who recognise her contribution to raising mental and physical performance amongst aspiring players.
Mari Du Preez
Mari is an experienced karate instructor and athlete with a long history of competition since 1982. She holds a BA Honours in Criminology with a major in Criminal Psychology. In addition to her karate background, Mari has been performance coaching athletes in various sports since 2017. She has also been a member of the Coaches Commission for the World Union of Karate-Do Federations (WUKF) since Sep 2020, and was re-elected to WUKF’s Athletes and Coaches Commission in Sep 2022.


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