ThincSports is a company that specializes in helping players, coaches, parents, and businesses develop critical leadership skills and seize the mental edge in life, business, and sports. Iain Shippey, the founder of ThinkSport, is a writer, coach, speaker, and TV commentator who has worked with various sports teams, including the Springbok Rugby Team and the South African Men's Hockey team. Iain has lectured on sports psychology at the SA College of Applied Psychology and is passionate about leadership development, and has worked with companies such as Transnet, Investment Solutions, and Discovery Health.
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Balderstone Sports Institute is a South African school that enables athletes in all sports to commit to demanding competitive schedules and training regimes without their education suffering. Balderstone allows students to become student-athletes in High School already, allowing them to have a glimpse into how a life as a student-athlete will be. For more information, visit their website:
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IE Abroad International Study Advi­sors offers a free student placement service to more than 250 international university partners in the UK, USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Mauritius, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Cyprus, Malaysia, Germany, Ireland, and the UAE.  Our services include processing applications, liaising with admissions, visa processing and coordination with student accommodation. IE Abroad works as the direct representative in the African region for our university partners, and because of our access to the admissions de­partments, we can ensure a quicker, more streamlined service for students.
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Menlo Park High School is one of South Africa’s top schools, renowned for excellence in both academics and sports. They are sporting giants within the South African education system, boasting some of the countries most decorated coaches and athletes, who have been successful at the provincial, national and international levels. Aspire Atlantic is honored to Partner with an institution that believes in developing world-class students who not only excel in sports, but go into the world as smart leaders of tomorrow. For more information, visit their website:
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Genius offers one on one pSAT and SAT preparation that is tailor-made for your needs. Each preparation session is done based on the individual student’s need for the SAT.
The process begins with an assessment, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses so that they know what to focus on. Based on your academic needs, they can move on to coaching you for your SAT. For more information, please visit:
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