The Best College Towns in the USA

June 23, 2021

When people think of going to college, there are a couple of images that occur to everyone. They imagine historic buildings, green lawns, leafy trees, and the roar of a college football stadium on game day. This is the dream many college students have when they think of the ideal place to settle down in for the next four years of their lives. But something that many prospective students don't think of is the college town. Some famous schools have built up towns around them, and these are as much a part of the college experience as the university itself. But what are the best college towns in the USA?

From Missouri to New York, from large metropolitan cities to small towns in the countryside, the USA has no shortage of gorgeous college towns. We have put together a list of our favorite college towns in the nation.

Madison, Wisconsin

Home to the University of Wisconsin Badgers, Madison is one of our favorite college towns in the USA. This beautiful town is situated on a piece of land between 2 lakes. If you are an outdoors person, Madison is perfect for you. Biking, running and walking trails make it easy to go outside and enjoy all four seasons in Wisconsin. Madison is also known for its homemade custard and creamy cheeses. Although it is in a perhaps less fashionable state, Madison is one of the best college towns across the USA.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Go Razorbacks!!! Although Arkansas is perhaps not so well known as the other universities on this list, the small town of Fayetteville may just surprise you. Home to the University of Arkansas Razorbacks, you’ll find a community full of school pride. Enjoy the outdoors by hiking up the Kessler Mountain Regional Park, or have a relaxing Sunday afternoon at Lake Fayetteville. You can visit the botanical gardens or take in the live music and bustling nightlife on Dickson street. The town of Fayetteville is one of the USA’s hidden gems.

Austin, Texas

Austin ranks as one of the most desirable places to live in the entire country. Bursting with culture and flavor, the art, architecture, and musicians in Austin are just a few of the reasons this city is perfect for any college student. Home to the Texas Longhorns at the University of Texas, sport is also an easy draw. Austin can cater to your every need as a college student.

Gainesville, Florida

According to residents of Gainesville, the orange sun and blue sky are proof that God is a Gator fan. Home to the Gators of the University of Florida, Gainesville is one of the best small cities in Florida. It houses incredible museums, near tropical weather, and a strong business community. You will love networking and building your future in this fast growing town.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Great weather, a vibrant collegiate atmosphere, music, arts, and tons of food festivals make Chapel Hill a great college town. Chapel Hill offers ample opportunities to work in science, tech, and healthcare. Not to mention the incredible atmosphere when the Tar Heels at the University of North Carolina take the basketball court against their local rivals, the Duke Blue Devils. This amazing community, rich in history on the east coast of the USA, is the quintessential college town.

There is no doubt that what your college campus has to offer should be on the top of your list when deciding which college to attend, but once you take a break away from your books, or your practice sessions will you be happy in the town that you now call home? USA college towns offer endless options for eating, sightseeing, staying active and embracing local culture. So when deciding on which University, town, or state you would like to call home for the next four years, consider one of these incredible places.

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